7 Reasons to Buy Dulce de Leche

Dulce de leche is Spanish and means "milk caramel," loosely translated. It is made by slowly heating up sweetened milk and has a distinctive caramelized flavor and thick syrup-like texture that is irresistible. Dulce de leche is a perfect treat, and here are seven reasons why you should go out and buy some right now: 

1. Apple Dip

Dulce de leche makes a great dip for apples. The sweet and rich taste of the dulce de leche and its creaminess is a nice contrast with a tangy apple. Green apples make the best pairing for this delicious snack since they have a sharper tang. Apple dip is perfect for an after-dinner treat or a good dessert to take along to a party. 

2. Ice Cream Topping 

Dulce de leche can be drizzled right out of the can or bottle onto your ice cream for a great topping that is softer than other caramels and really melts in your mouth. It tastes great on vanilla or chocolate, and for an exciting flavor combo, try it with cookies and cream or on a banana split. 

3. Brownie Swirl 

Try swirling dulce de leche into brownies with a fork just before they go into the oven for a dressed-up dessert. The creamy caramel flavor is great with fudgy brownies and can make a hum-drum dessert something to remember. 

4. Cake 

There are different cake recipes that feature dulce de leche in the cake, in the frosting, or drizzled on top of the icing. Dulce de leche adds a little something extra to a cake and is great for a celebration. You can add a beautiful touch of sophistication and an unforgettable flavor to any party when you use crushed almonds or walnuts on top of dulce de leche frosting.  

5. Pancake Topper 

Dulce de leche can add pizzazz to your breakfast table. It makes a unique and yummy topping for pancakes or crepes. Drizzle it over a pancake and top it all off with a swirl of whipped cream. 

6. Thumbprint Cookies

You can fill the center of a thumbprint cookie with dulce de leche. A warm cookie with a gooey caramel center is perfect with milk. 

7. Quick Treat 

Not only does dulce de leche taste great as a topping or an ingredient, but it also holds its own as a treat by itself; you can always eat dulce de leche straight out of the can or bottle with a spoon! Try it warm by microwaving it for a few seconds. 

If these ideas sound good to you, buy dulce de leche from some suppliers. 

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Dulce de leche is Spanish and means "milk caramel," loosely translated. It is made by slowly heating up sweetened milk and has a distinctive carameliz

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