How To Enjoy Russian Osetra Caviar

Caviar is considered a delicacy in many cultures. It is fish eggs that are harvested from specific species of fish. Osetra caviar is harvested from sturgeon. It has a unique light, salty flavor that pairs well with cheese and wine. Here are five tips that will help you enjoy Russian Osetra caviar:

1. Keep it chilled.

Caviar is a dish that should always be eaten cold. The cold temperature keeps it from spoiling. It also brings out the rich flavor of the caviar. If you're eating Osetra caviar at home, simply keep it in your refrigerator until you're ready to eat. If you plan to serve it at a party, you can keep it out for your guests to snack on throughout the event. Simply place your container of caviar on ice to keep it at the perfect temperature.

2. Do not use metal utensils.

Caviar is typically eaten as a spread. It cannot be picked up with bare hands because of its loose texture. However, you should never use metal utensils to pick it up. Metal can alter the flavor in unpleasant ways. Instead, you can use plastic or ceramic utensils. Mother-of-pearl spoons are traditionally used. This material also comes from the sea, so it's highly thematically appropriate.

3. Eat your caviar while it's fresh.

Caviar, like all seafood, should be eaten when it's as fresh as possible. Don't purchase caviar with the intention of keeping it in your refrigerator for extended periods of time. Caviar can keep well for up to a week, but it's better to eat it within a few days, if possible.

4. Enjoy caviar raw.

Like sashimi, caviar is a dish that should be enjoyed raw. The delicate flavor and texture of caviar would be destroyed by cooking. If you're concerned about the possibility of foodborne illness, you can purchase pasteurized caviar. However, caviar that has been freshly harvested is generally safe for human consumption as long as it's stored properly.

5. Pair caviar with the right accompaniments.

Caviar is delicious when eaten on its own. However, pairing it with other foods can enhance its flavor. Some people like to spread caviar on crusty, quality bread. Russian caviar is traditionally eaten served atop blinis, which are a type of savory Russian pancake. Smoked salmon, sour cream, and caviar can be combined to make a delicious blini breakfast. Caviar is an excellent addition to any cheeseboard.

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