A Tangy Sauce Variety That Can Be Used As A Marinade And A Dip

If you are going to be serving a picnic-style luncheon during a camping retreat and would like to wow your guests with toppings that will make each platter of food taste like it came directly from a chef's kitchen, chimichurri sauce is a condiment that can be used to upgrade each appetizer or main course. A combination of herbs and spices that are blended with vinegar are used to create this sauce. Unlike salsa, which has the tendency to be too spicy for some, chimichurri sauce will add subtle tanginess to your homemade creations.

Use The Sauce As A Marinade

If you would like to flavor steaks or pork chops and would prefer for the tanginess to be experienced with each bite of food, create a marinade and prepare the meat the night before. Purchase a couple bottles of sauce from a retail supplier. One bottle can be used solely for marinading purposes and the other bottle can be used to flavor foods in alternate ways. Pour sauce into a large bowl.

Dip each cut of meat into the sauce and use a fork to push the meat toward the bottom of the bowl so that the meat is thoroughly coated with the sauce. Cover the bowl and place it inside of your refrigerator. The following morning, remove the meat from the bowl and slide the steaks or chops into a large freezer bag. Once you arrive at the campground and have your grilling equipment set up, place the meat on top of the grilling rack and barbecue the marinaded items.

Offer The Condiment As A Dipping Sauce

Parsley, cilantro, and oregano are three of the spices that are used to create a batch of chimichurri sauce. The herbs add texture to the sauce and provide it with a semi-thick consistency. If your guests have never tried this type of condiment before, offer it as a dipping sauce. Add the sauce to small, round condiment holders, similar to the holders that you would receive at restaurants and that typically are used for ketchup or mustard.

Give one paper holder to each of your guests and encourage them to dip their french fries, tortilla chips, or fresh vegetables into the sauce. The dipping method will allow each person to control how much sauce is added to each item. Leave the bottle of sauce on the table where your guests are seated so that they can refill their holders if they use the initial amount that you gave them.

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