Cater An Ice Cream Cart And Ramp Up Your Office Party Fun

If you want to add some fun and good flavors to your next office party, then you should think about using an ice cream cart catering service. Most everyone loves frozen treats, and you can provide a variety so everyone is happy. Here's why hiring an ice cream cart might be the best idea you've had for an office party.

There's A Good Variety In Flavors And Treats

Ice cream comes in so many different flavors and everyone loves something different. An ice cream cart can hold a wide selection of frozen treats so people can choose the type they like rather than having a scoop of vanilla from a carton on their cake. You'll be able to supply individual cups of premium ice cream flavors as well as ice cream sandwiches and other classic treats. You can also include options for those who avoid dairy by adding frozen fruit-flavored ice pops. You could even add low-fat or sugar-free frozen treats for employees on a diet.

You Could Host A Ice Cream Sandwich Or Sundae Bar

While you could choose a mix of treats, you may prefer to settle on a selection of ice cream sandwiches instead since those are favored by many. You could also create a sundae bar and have the cart stocked with basic ice cream for a sundae base and then provide sauces, nuts, and fruit for the topping. If your ice cream cart is a hit, you can bring it back for future office parties and change the theme each time from sundaes to individual cups of exotic flavors to frozen treats.

An Ice Cream Cart Can Go About Anywhere

One nice advantage of an ice cream cart is that you can use it indoors or outdoors as long as you can plug it in to keep the ice cream cold. That makes it the perfect treat or snack when you're having an outdoor party or meeting. Plus, you can keep the cart as long as you need and the ice cream stays frozen and ready to go. You may want to rent the cart for a full workday on special occasions and let the staff help themselves to what's inside. You could also have the cart supervised by someone who distributes the frozen treats so they don't get rummaged through during a party. You could even set up the cart in a dining area on Fridays and charge a small amount for each treat to help cover the cost of catering the cart.

Most people love ice cream or frozen treats, so an ice cream cart is a nice perk to offer your employees when you're having an office party, celebration, or just want to show your appreciation to your employees. For more information, reach out to an ice cream cart catering service near you.

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