3 Ways To Sneak Roasted Almonds In Your Family's Meal

Roasted almonds are a great treat to add to your family's diet. They're packed densely with nutrients and relatively low in calories. One ounce of dry, roasted almonds can provide just under 6 grams of protein, and they taste absolutely delicious. However, if your family is sick of eating roasted almonds by themselves, you can easily incorporate this ingredient sneakily into many recipes.

Crush the Almonds and Add Them to Frying Batter

If your family loves fried chicken and other fried dishes, you can try to incorporate the roasted almonds into the batter once you've crushed them into fine particles. You don't want to crush the almonds too much in order to preserve the crunchy texture that it adds to the batter. If you're adding roasted almonds to the batter, you'll need to be careful during the frying process. It's easy for the roasted almonds to get burnt if you're not careful, so keep an eye on them.

Make Your Own Crushed Almond Chocolate Bars

Since eating roasted almonds by themselves can be rather boring, you can try adding them into chocolate bars. If you crush the roasted almonds into fine enough particles, you won't even be able to tell that they're there. You can add the roasted almonds to all types of chocolate bars. They go well with dark, milk and white chocolate, as they enhance the flavor of the chocolate. You can even consider adding in other ingredients as well in order to build a more complex flavor.

Add the Roasted Almonds into Cereal, Oatmeal and even Pancakes

As roasted almonds are packed with nutrients, they're great for the mornings when you need energy the most. Add roasted almonds whole or crushed into cereal or oatmeal to add more texture to the meal. You can even grind the roasted almonds down and add them into the pancake batter. The roasted almonds give a bolder and richer flavor to the pancakes without compromising the fluffy texture that everyone loves.


It's easy to sneak roasted almonds into your family's meals. Not only are the roasted almonds great for your family as they are nutritious, but they also taste delicious. This is a great way to make sure that your family is getting enough protein, fiber and other essential minerals and nutrients. Roasted almonds are also fairly inexpensive in comparison to other healthy foods, making them a good bang for your buck. For more information, contact a business like JCM Farming.


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Roasted almonds are a great treat to add to your family's diet. They're packed densely with nutrients and relatively low in calories. One ounce of dry

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