Using Up The Rest Of The Delicious Berry Marmalade: 3 Quirky Ways To Give Old Recipes A New Kick

Berry marmalade is absolutely delicious, and best of all, it can last anywhere from 18 months to 2 years if you store it properly. Still, once the seal is broken on the can, you should try to finish off the berry marmalade as soon as possible, as it is susceptible to going bad. Here are 3 fun and quirky ways that you can incorporate this ingredient into some old recipes.

Give Your Icing an Extra Fruity Punch

If you love baking and making baked goods, then you know just how important icing can be. Give your icing an extra kick by swirling in some berry marmalade. The berries add a hint of sweetness, and the marmalade will give the icing a tint of color. This is a great option if you planned on adding some color to the icing anyways, as the berry marmalade is definitely more natural and healthy than food color. You can smother the icing onto cakes and other baked goods.

Add Some Marmalade to Meat When Cooking

If you love sweet and sour pork or other types of meat with a sweet glaze overtop, you'll want to try adding some berry marmalade to meat when you cook it. The berry marmalade not only adds sweetness and flavor, but it also helps to thicken the sauce. Try out different combinations to find out what tastes best. Currant marmalade goes really well with some red wine and steak.

Incorporate It Into Salad Dressing

Being on a diet can be boring and can be difficult. Sometimes, you just find yourself craving sweets. The best way to satisfy your craving without going overboard on the calories is to incorporate the berry marmalade into salad dressing, like vinaigrette. The marmalade adds another dimension of flavor into the dressing, and the berries give the salad an extra touch. It definitely makes getting through your diet a much easier task. 


You can never stock up on too much berry marmalade. Different berries taste quite different and will go well with various recipes. If you're having trouble finishing the can of marmalade after you've opened it, try incorporating the marmalade into various recipes that need an extra pinch of sugar. You'd be surprised at just how well marmalade goes with other foods. Once you start incorporating berry marmalade into your cooking, you'd be surprised at just how quickly and easily you'll go through each jar. Keep future recipes in mind when you buy berry marmalade.

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Berry marmalade is absolutely delicious, and best of all, it can last anywhere from 18 months to 2 years if you store it properly. Still, once the sea