3 Tips to Prevent Stocking Stuffers from Melting Prematurely

One of the best Christmas traditions is stuffing stockings with little trinkets and treats. Christmas chocolate gifts make great stocking stuffers, especially since you can easily find a wide array of differently designed chocolates at your local supermarket. The key is to make sure that Christmas chocolate gifts you choose don't melt prematurely before your children have a chance to enjoy them. Here are 3 tips that can help.

Keep the Stockings and the Chocolate Away from Heat Sources

If you plan on stuffing the stockings with Christmas chocolate gifts, you'll need a better place to hang the stockings than over a fireplace or any heat source for that matter. Excess heat will only cause the chocolate to melt even quicker than usual. Instead, consider hanging the stockings on the stairway, at the foot of your children's bed or even on the wall. A cool surface and plenty of ventilation will usually keep the chocolate from melting.

Purchase Thick Chunks of Chocolate Rather than Thin or Small Pieces of Chocolate

Small or thin pieces of chocolate with little surface area are more likely to melt than large chunks of chocolate. Look for Christmas chocolate gifts that are of a good size. If you insist on purchasing small pieces of chocolate, make sure that they are wrapped separately in their own boxes. This helps keep the chocolate cool until the box is opened on Christmas day. Your children will appreciate having thicker and larger pieces of chocolate to enjoy rather than smaller and thinner pieces anyways.

Make Sure the Filling is Solid Chocolate Rather than Ganache or Other Similar Alternatives

The type of filling that the Christmas chocolate gifts contain can also make a huge difference. If you plan on stuffing the gifts inside stockings, you should choose gifts that are made from solid chocolate rather than alternatives like ganache. This is because solid chocolate melts at about 97 degrees Fahrenheit or just below body temperature. On the other hand, ganache becomes firm at room temperature or colder, which means that it will melt at lower temperatures than solid chocolate.

Put some effort and thought into the type of Christmas chocolate gifts that you're going to use a stocking stuffers. Although they're usually a welcomed treat among children, you want them to last until Christmas day without melting prematurely. If the chocolates are not properly sealed inside their packaging and melt, they can create quite a sticky mess. To learn more, contact services like Mindy's Munchies LLC.

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